For those of you who have an adventurous spirit, we present a very popular adventure tour, ATV rides or quad bike rides with 250 cc. There are 3 ATV rides that we offer which are very well known, so you can make your choice according to your budget, your vacation time in Bali.

With the conditions of the surrounding hills and rivers that are interesting to explore using ATV, the area around Ubud has many ATV Tour. Highlights when playing ATV at this location are: we will pass a lot of hilly terrain, rice fields, caves and also small rivers. Usually, ATV play activities will start from flat terrain in the rice fields to practice first, then we will start being invited down a fairly steep hill to go down to a forest area and shallow river that can be explored using an ATV, we can even find some small waterfalls to moderate in some spots. After that, we will venture into a long cave that is sized just right for ATVs — and this is SUPER FUN because apart from being dark, the sensation of entering the cave makes our adrenaline spike. Then, we will go back through the forest to the rice fields by climbing a fairly steep hill too.