Ayung River Rafting

Ayung Dewata Rafting is a rafting company based in Bali. We offers the best services, facilities and equipment for rafting in Bali. Book now! get special offers and enjoy a thrilling and unforgettable journey along the beauty of Ayung River in Ubud.

The Best Rafting Operator

We are Ayung Dewata Rafting – The best rafting operator in Bali. We are the only real choice for quality rafting in Bali

International Safety Standard

Proven 100% Safety record, International safety standard, Professional well trained rafting guides. Ayung River white water rafting activity with Ayung Dewata Rafting covered by insurance.

Modern International Facilities

Clean complete, well maintained, environmentally friendly facilities. Friendly well organized customer service. Great choice of delicious and filling food in superb surroundings.

Ayung River White Water Rafting

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Ayung River Rafting Bali rapid class can be categories and suitable for beginner. The river offer for beginner and children. So if you are first timer and not good swimmer, Ayung River rafting adventures is very suitable for you. Ayung Dewata River Rafting Bali, offers a very unique sensation that you won’t get it on other places. You will find hidden natural waterfalls, the river has clear water and very fresh if you would like to swim.

Ayung River Ubud has 10 kilometres route, 2 hours rafting adventure duration that you will get. Professional rafting guide is always accompanied you and give you instructions on things to do during rafting. As long you follow their instructions and everything will run smooth. Most of our customers that choose to do Ayung River Rafting Bali came from Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan.


IDR 900.000 / Person


Bali ATV Tour

Ayung River Rafting with ATV Quadbike Adventure

Fullday Adventure Packages – Ayung river rafting + ATV Quadbike ride, pump your adrenaline and explore the beauty of Bali. Escape the bustling streets of Bali and experience what nature offers in this exciting package. Start your river rafting adventure by learning all the safety precautions from an experienced professional guide. Then an exciting and unforgettable adventure on the river awaits you. Discover hidden waterfalls and tropical trees as you navigate the narrow canyons along the way. Take an hour’s vacation and enjoy a satisfying and fulfilling buffet lunch. This will boost the energy of your next ATV riding adventure. Explore scenic environments at your own pace with your personal mini 4×4. Experience the beauty of Bali by driving along steep hills and rocky paths.

Timothy T
Timothy T
Would come back for sure Great adventure, super friendly staffs, i dont usually expect much from the food but it was really nice! A little heads up, the stairs at the start and the end was even tougher than the river
Andien D
Andien D
Amazing, crazy fun!!! Me and 7 of friends having an amazing time rafting with Ayung Dewata Rafting. All equipment is very proper and the guide is really friendly and helpful. They provided towel for shower and lunch really after the activity. It definitely value for money, Awesome!!!
Amazing experiance Nice view and ambience exellent service we are enjoyed can't wait for next holiday and will come back again
Grant B
Grant B
2nd Trip down the Ayung We enjoyed this trip so much last year, that we decided to do it again with some family members that haven't done it before. After checking in at the office and grabbing a paddle, helmet and life jacket you are taken by a people carrier to a drop off point. There is then a nice walk through the rice fields before you get to the many steep stairs that get you to the river. You can buy water at the river before you start and pay the bill at the end of the trip. You can tie your thongs into the boat or wear runners if you want. The river is not overly dangerous, but still lots of fun. Remember to smile for the cameras along the route. There is a waterfall stop along the way where you can get out and jump around underneath it, remember to take your GoPro. There is also a stop for a Bintang or soft drink, down the river a bit during a 10 minute break. The most challenging part of this trip is at the end with the very tough walk back up the hill to catch your ride back. Take your time and you will be fine. Short bus ride back to HQ for lunch which is pretty good, rice, noodles and chicken on offer. Check out your photo's, roughly $20 for 2. Great fun day out.
Really fun trip! A really fun rafting trip! Very gentle and Wayan was a fun guide. The walk down to the river is long(350 steps). i consider myself in good shape but by the time I got to the river, my legs were rubber!!! The walk up is not as difficult, but my husband had a tough time as had a knee replacement 5 months prior. Sweet Wayan and another guide walked on each side of my husband and helped him all the way back to the top...they were rock stars!!! Thanks for a fun day!!!
Lots of fun Perfect well organized rafting trip. Precise pick up service, smooth operation. The river is beautiful and it’s a lot of fun to raft on it. We enjoyed the tour very much!
Amazing Experience - just make sure you are fit to walk the stairs and wear good shoes I am so pleased that our driver organised this trip, had I known at the beginning about the stairs from hell to walk up at the end I would have said no way. I am fit and excercise five times a week, but blow me down I have short legs! There was a walk down to the river, steep at times but you have your oar to help as the carved steps are uneven. The rafting was amazing and our guide was funny and we got to do a few extra things as only the three of us in the boat. You stop about 2/3rds through for a beer, juice or whatever then in arrive at the river base. To my shock horror, after walking up the initial steps we came to a field and we were looking up at a cliff face with a winding track and steps to get to the top. EEK! All would be fine if I had long legs, but these steps are high, so forever struggling to put one foot up in front of the other. I have no idea how some of the older over 60's people got up at all. So think twice people, amazing experience, we got a good deal through our driver, but you need to be fit, and if you have kids, even fitter as you may need to carry them up.
Rafting We had an amazing adventure. Our guide added to the experience making it fun. The scenery was stunning, and as it had rained heavily the day before, our adventure was filled with waterfalls at every turn.


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